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Tutorials on research concepts

Kimball Library Instructional Videos*:
from Coastal Carolina University  (humorous & short: about 3 minutes or less).
Information Cycle
This video provides an overview of research materials. In order to select sources appropriate for your research, it is helpful to consider their original purpose, that is, why that newspaper article, journal article, or book was created in the first place.
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Why Citing is Important
What is a Scholarly Article?
Scholarly versus Popular
How to Locate Scholarly Articles

*Technical note: The Coastal Carolina tutorials generally download and run automatically. If not, try a different Internet browser. 

"Remote Access" Essentials

Most library resources are "IP-filtered". When off the campus network, use one of the 3 methods listed below to access a resource. Smart phones can be used to access resources, but typically require a "remote access" strategy such as using a library link (with proxy code) even on campus.


1. Set up a VPN link; see The basics of VPN at IU. For the most reliable connections across the widest range of platforms and network configurations, UITS recommends connecting to the VPN with the Pulse Secure SSL VPN client. The benefit to this method is that as long as you are logged in, you can open and close browser windows just as you would on-campus.


2. Once you are using a VPN link, you can use your previously saved bookmark to the resource. In some cases, you can access a resource directly via an Internet search. Campus computer technology (UITS) Support Center staff can assist.  


1. Use a "library" link to access a resource. This is required for the Books24x7 ITPro ebooks system.

2. a . If you know the resource database name, from the library homepage, access page "Resources", scrolling down to the "Databases A - Z" alphabetical lists of links. Find the appropriate letter list and locate the resource link.  

2. b. To explore database options by subject, use tab "Guides", selecting option "Subject Guides". E&T program subject guides are linked under "Engineering & Technology". Access your program subject guide and browse guide pages to see resources for finding articles, books, etc.

3. Library links have proxy code to "authenticate"; log in to IU pop-up window.


1. Set up a secure Citrix Receiver link on mobile devices to browse resources directly & run IUanyWare software virtually. 

2. Run browser software through IUanyWare. Access resources via an Internet search or the library website.