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Music and Arts Technology

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Handbooks, Encyclopedias, Video, etc.

e-Handbooks can be accessed online by searching for the title at IUCAT:

Also see options for a number of hardcopy titles via iucat "keyword anywhere" searches such as:  handbooks music therapy. More IUCAT search strategies, including suggested subject terms, are given at "Find specialized books & ebooks". 

Some books are available for 24 hour checkout from the Information Desk "STEM reserves collection; if no one is asking for the book, these can be nenewed at the Information or by calling 317-274-0469. Regular checkout copies of some ebooks and reserve books are owned by the library or can be requested from other campuses. 


MUSIC THERAPY HANDBOOKS in PRINT (Ask at Information Desk from "STEM reserves collection"; 24 hour checkout) 

On order: Handbook of neurological music therapy; Thaut & Hoemberg; 2014.

On order: New music therapist's handbook; Hanser; 2nd ed. 1999.



On order: Music and empathy; King & Waddington; 2017. 

Integrative health through music therapy: Accompanying the journey from illness to wellness; Hanser; 2016,

The child as musician: A handbook of musical development; McPherson; 2nd ed. 2016. 

Music therapy handbook; Wheeler; 2015.

Music therapy in mental health for illness management and recovery; Silverman; 2015. 

Music therapy methods in neurorehabilitation: A clinician's manual; Baker & Templin; 2006. 

On order: Rhythm, music, and the brain: Scientific foundations and clinical applications; Thaut; 2005. 



Handbook of contemporary acoustics and its applications; We; 2016

Master handbook of acoustics; Everest; 2015, 6th ed.  

Understanding and crafting the mix the art of recording; Moylan; 2015, 3rd ed.

Music apps for musicians and music teachers; Axford; 2015

The mixing engineer's handbook; Owsinski; 2013, 3rd ed.

Music perception: Springer handbook of auditory research; 2010

Vibration and Acoustics: Measurement and Signal Analysis; Sujatha; 2010

The music tech dictionary a glossary of audio-related terms and technologies; Gallagher; 2008



The Oxford dictionary of music; 2012, 6th ed.

The Grove dictionary of American music; 2013, 2nd ed.

The Grove dictionary of musical instruments; 2014, 2nd ed. 

A composer's guide to game music; Phillips; 2014

The Oxford handbook of music revival; 2014

Encyclopedia of country music; 2012, 2nd ed.

The music industry handbook; Rutter; 2011

The concise Garland encyclopedia of world music. Volume 1, Africa, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, The United States and Canada, Europe, Oceania;  2008

The Garland handbook of Latin American music 2008, 2nd ed.

Icons of hip hop: An encyclopedia of the movement, music, and culture; 2007

The encyclopedia of popular music; 2006, 4th ed.

Anytime from anywhere access

Most library resources are "IP-filtered". When off the campus network, use one of the 3 methods listed below to access a resource. Smart phones can be used to access resources, but typically require a "remote access" strategy such as using a library link (with proxy code) even on campus.


1. Set up a VPN link; see The basics of VPN at IU. For the most reliable connections across the widest range of platforms and network configurations, UITS recommends connecting to the VPN with the Pulse Secure SSL VPN client. The benefit to this method is that as long as you are logged in, you can open and close browser windows just as you would on-campus.


2. Once you are using a VPN link, you can use your previously saved bookmark to the resource. In some cases, you can access a resource directly via an Internet search. Campus computer technology (UITS) Support Center staff can assist.  


1. Use a "library" link to access a resource. This is required for the Books24x7 ITPro ebooks system.

2. a . If you know the resource database name, from the library homepage, access page "Resources", scrolling down to the "Databases A - Z" alphabetical lists of links. Find the appropriate letter list and locate the resource link.  

2. b. To explore database options by subject, use tab "Guides", selecting option "Subject Guides". E&T program subject guides are linked under "Engineering & Technology". Access your program subject guide and browse guide pages to see resources for finding articles, books, etc.

3. Library links have proxy code to "authenticate"; log in to IU pop-up window.


1. Set up a secure Citrix Receiver link on mobile devices to browse resources directly & run IUanyWare software virtually. 

2. Run browser software through IUanyWare. Access resources via an Internet search or the library website.