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Citation Tracking

Tracking Citations

Unfortunately the numbers of citations for each resource will almost never match. Google Scholar appears to locate the highest number of citations, but they usually include a lot of duplicates.

Impact Factors

Alerts & Keeping Up with the Literature

Use your Google Account to set up an author alert to track publications or citing articles in Google Scholar. Look for the Alerts link at the top of the page.

Create an account in Scopus by clicking on the Alerts link at the top of the page to create Search Alerts, Author Citation Alerts, or Document Citation Alerts.


Browzine allows you to browse, read and monitor some of the library’s best journals, all from your iPad or Android device.  To download, search for “BrowZine” in the App Store or Google play and get the app for free; when initially launching BrowZine, select Indiana University School of Medicine from the drop down list. For Browzine to work smoothly, you also need to download the VPN app, called Junos Pulse, from the app store for free. Information about installing and setting up the VPN can be found at