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FOR MORE HELP, contact resource/research specialist Randall Halverson ( I'm happy to support your classwork or research via email suggestions or by appointments*.

*NEW OPTION: To meet by phone or in person with Randall H., please use the "Schedule Appointment" link below or on left sidebar, below my photograph and Email icon. If my listed times don't work for you, you are welcome to send 2 or 3 days/times you could meet by email. I'll respond. :~) 

Or contact me at the Ask Us chat box most Fridays 2pm - 4pm.

Resource News

Videos on Research Concepts

Basics of APA Style (Use link "view the tutorial"; on a PC, use the vertical slider bar at the right to browse topics)

Coastal Carolina University Instructional Videos(humorous and short; last 3 minutes):

Suggested videos:
"Why Citing is Important"
"What is a Scholarly Article?"
"Scholarly versus Popular" articles 

 The Coastal Carolina tutorials generally download and run automatically. If not, try a different Internet browser.   

Anytime from anywhere access

You can access almost all of the library's databases from home or other location so long as you are an IUPUI student, staff, or faculty member. Library resources are "IP-filtered". Access typically requires using the campus computer network, such as the campus wireless system,  or one of the two strategies given below.   


1. Simply access a resource link provided on a University Library webpage, such as a subject guide page or by following links Resources --> Databases A-Z . Input your campus username and password only to an IU popup window. 

Using a library site link is required for Books24x7 ebooks, even when on the campus network.


2. An alternative to using a University Library website resource link that works for most resources, other than Books24x7, is to use a campus VPN link as described below. VPN can save time, allowing options such as bookmarking a resource site.