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Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Citing Your Sources

There are many different "styles" you may choose from when citing sources. Your professor will probably tell you which "style" is preferred for your class. MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago, and APA (American Psychological Association) are three of the most commonly used citation styles, but there are hundreds.

Recent editions of style manuals, which include detailed information and examples, are available at the Services & Information Desk at the University Library. If you need help on your research project, please contact a subject specialist librarian.

Disciplines in health sciences tend to use APA. You will be expected to know this style for your classes.

For details on how to use APA, see the link below.


In-Text Citations

There are two parts to every citation:

  1. The notation in the text of the paper tells the reader what source you are citing. This is the in-text citation. It is typically short-hand for the full citation.
  2. The full citation ​is listed in your works cited, references list, or bibliography.

Example in APA:

Did I Plagiarize?

University Writing Center

The IUPUI University Writing Center (UWC) is a free service available to all IUPUI students, faculty, and staff, at both the graduate and undergraduate level. It is a place where students can go for help with writing assignments and projects. The UWC offers students the opportunity to work one-on-one with experienced readers and writers.

The UWC offers two convenient locations: Cavanaugh Hall (CA 427) and University Library (UL 2125).

To schedule a tutoring session at either the Cavanaugh Hall location or University Library location, you may telephone the CA location at (317) 274-2049, telephone the UL location at (317) 278-8171, or visit either UWC location. You must provide both your name and your University ID number, at the time you schedule the session.

Compare Citation Managers

EndNote Mendeley Zotero
Link to Library Guide EndNote Guide Mendeley Guide Zotero Guide
Download Link Download EndNote Download Mendeley Download Zotero
Type Desktop software. Also has a web-based version called EndNote Web. Doesn't work well with Safari. Desktop software and web-based.  Desktop software and browser add-on. Works best with Firefox, but can be used with Chrome and Safari.
Cost Free through IU, but will cost $$$ to update after graduation. Free. Storage upgrade with a monthly fee. Free. Storage upgrade with a monthly fee. 
Learning Curve Takes longer to learn, but not difficult with training.  Quick to learn with a pretty simple interface. Quick to learn with a simple interface.
  • Best for major research projects, because it offers the most options for customization and formatting
  • Most customizable
  • Can handle a large amount of references
  • Great for managing PDFs
  • Has a social aspect. Can see what other users are reading and citing. Find other members with common research interests.
  • Does an excellent job of pulling citation metadata from PDFs
  • Can share citations and documents with others
  • Simple download of records
  • Good for managing a variety of formats, including webpages
  • Offers most functionality in a free, open-source product
Locate full-text through IUPUI subscriptions Yes No No
Storage Unlimited with X7 5,000+ papers 700+ papers
Word processing software Word and Open Office Word and Open Office Word and Open Office