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Learn more about what Mobile Resources are available for certain subjects, specialties, or disease/conditions.


Looking to recommend an app? Please keep in a mind a few things about health and medical apps:

  • Little oversight exists on the quality of the content - look for trusted organizations or review the content and check for credibility.
  • Dosage calculators that have been reviewed (ex. Insulin dosage calculators) have been found to be lacking and have the potential for patient harm.
  • Apps that turn mobile devices into medical devices should be researched and FDA approval should be identified before recommending.
  • Check back soon for an app evaluation check list


The apps below have been featured in various research related studies and were not found to have detrimental effects on users. Apps featured in research studies will include a image (star) that when clicked will link out to more information about the study.


All apps listed below free unless otherwise noted.


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Smoking Cessation


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Mental Health

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Medication Compliance

Location-Based Health Apps

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Health Care Cost Estimators

Translation Apps