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Research Guides

LGBTQ Healthcare

Guide for health professionals and consumers seeking quality healthcare info for the LGBTQ community.

For Professionals Who Work with Youth

American Psychological Association (APA) 

Continuing Education

The National LGBT Health Education Center

  • Free, on-demand, online CE
    • Achieving Health Equality for LGBT People
    • Improving Healthcare for Transgender People
    • Caring for LGBTQ Youth in Clinical Settings
    • Caring for LGBT Older Adults
  • Live and on-demand monthly webinar on current LGBT health topics
  • Grand rounds presentations
  • In-person instruction at for health professional groups and community groups

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

  • Cultural Competency webinar series (free)
    • Part 1: Understanding the Health Needs of LGBT People: An Introduction
    • Part 2: Creating a Welcoming and Safe Environment for LGBT People and Families
    • Part 3: Clinical Skills for the Care of Transgender Individuals


  • Bisexual Community Issues Presentation (PPT & PDF) 

Human Rights Campaign Foundation - CME/CEU credits

  • An Introduction to your LGBTQ Patients
  • LGBT Patient-Centered Care: An Executive Briefing
  • Expanding LGBTQ Cultural Competency
  • LGBTQ Healthcare for Clinicians
  • Working with Trans Youth
  • Working with Transgender Adults

Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (free, online, on-demand)

  • The History of Psychiatry and Homosexuality
  • Taking a Sexual History with LBGT Patients
  • Psychological Development & Life Cycle
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medical and Mental Health
  • Transgender
  • Intersex
  • Diversity / People of Color

Veterans Health Administration (free, online, on-demand to VA and non-VA persons)

  • Do ask, do tell: Assessing sexual health of LGBT Veterans (and everyone else)
  • Do ask, do tell:  A practical, patient-centered, approach to working with lesbian, gay and bisexual veterans

Diversity 3.0 Learning Series (Videos) -  AAMC

  • LGBT, Gender Nonconforming and DSD Health
  • Inclusion of LGBT and DSD Content in Faculty Development Activities
  • Teaching differences in Sex Development
  • Enhancing Institutional Culture and Climate for LGBT and DSD Populations
  • Health Promotion Strategies for LGBT
  • Speaking with Patients about Sexuality and Gender

Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

  • Transgender women and HIV

Learning Modules, Interactive Presentations from the The Fenway Institute

  • Intro to LGBT Health
  • Achieving Health Equity for LGBT People
  • The Affordable Care Act:  Building Health Equity for LGBT People
  • Ten Things:  Providing an Inclusive and Affirmative Health Care Environment for LGBT People
  • Calidad de cuidado para lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transgéneros y transexuales: Eliminando la invisibilidad y las disparidades en salud
  • Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Health: Prevention, Wellness and Empowerment
  • Understanding Bisexuality: Challenging Stigma, Reducing Disparities and Caring for Patients
  • Reaching LGBTQ Communities and Engaging them in Health Care
  • Meeting the Health Care Needs of Transgender People
  • Transgender Medical Care: Advanced Case Discussion
  • Caring for Gender Dysphoric Children and Adolescents
  • Mental Health Care and Assessment of Transgender Adults
  • Understanding and Assessing the Sexual Health of Transgender Patients
  • Primary Care of Transgender Patients
  • Sexual Health of Transgender Patients
  • HIV Prevention for Transgender Patients
  • If you have it, check it.  Overcoming Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening with Patients on Female to Male Transgender Spectrum
  • Providing Care and Support for Transgender Rural Latino/as and Migrant Farmworkers
  • Recent Breakthroughs in HIV Prevention for Transgender People and Men who have Sex with Men
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Mental Health in Children and Adolescents
  • The Changing Rx of Transgender Adolescents: Impact of GnRHa Pubertal Blockade and Implications for Young Adults and Adults
  • Supporting LGBTQ Youth
  • Optimizing Linkage, Engagement and Retention in HIV Care for Adolescents and Young Adults of Color
  • Caring for Gender Dysphoric Children and Adolescents
  • Sexual
  • Care of the Older Adult with HIV Infection
  • LGBT Aging:  Social Supports, Outreach and Policy
  • LGBT People of Color
  • LGBT Health Care with Asian American Populations
  • Rural Latino LGBT HIV Prevention:  Community Building and Access to Care
  • LGBT Families: Improving Access to Better Health Care
  • Pathways to Parenthood:  Assisted Reproduction and Adoption
  • Many courses on HIV treatment and PrEP
  • Structural Stigma and the Health of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations
  • Behavior Health Care for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People
  • Same-Sex Domestic Violence: Considerations, Suggestions and Resources
  • Implementing Routine Intimate Partner Violence Screening in a Primary Care Setting
  • SBIRT with LGBT Patients:  Identify and Address Unhealthy Substance Use in Primary Care Settings
  • Collecting Data on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Electronic Health Record: Why and How
  • Anal Dysplasia and Cancer in At-Risk Groups:  What Providers Need to Know
  • Breast Cancer Risk and Prevention in Lesbian and Bisexual Women
  • How Patient-Centered Medical Homes Can Improve Health Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Patients and Families
  • Reaching LGBTQ Communities and Engaging them in Health Care
  • Reducing Tobacco Use in LGBT Communities:  How Can We Do Better?
  • Structural Stigma and the Health Of LGB Populations
  • Implementing Routine Intimate Partner Violence Screening in a Primary Care Setting


Books from the American Psychological Association

  • The Lives of LGBT Older Adults
  • Lesbian and Gay Parents and their Children
  • Sexual Orientation and Mental Health
  • Happy Together Thriving as a Same-Sex Couple in your Family, Workplace and Community
  • The Lives of LGBT Older Adults: Understanding Challenges and Resillience
  • This Day in June (Juvenile)
  • Handbook of Counseling Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Clients, 2nd Ed
  • Biological Substrates of Human Sexuality
  • HIV + Sex The Psychological and Interpersonal Dynamics of HIV Seropositive Gay and Bisexual Men’s Relationships
  • Homophobia
  • Mom, Dad, I’m Gay.  How Families Negotiate Coming Out


GBTQ Journals  - (Full Text links via IUSM, unlinked journals are not IUSM subscriptions)

Community Organizations

This page is intended as a directory for LGBTQ health resources.  Inclusion on this page is not considered a recommendation or referral from Indiana University.

Community Groups -  Provide physical, emotional, social, health spiritual, occupational support, community and advocacy. 

National/International Agencies

Indiana Agencies

Local Agencies

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