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ENG L506: Introduction to Methods of Criticism and Research

A library research guide for the English L506 course

Welcome to the L506 Course Guide

Welcome to the English L506 Course Guide, a research library guide for Introduction to Methods of Criticism & Research. This guide is designed to help you move through the research process (summarized in a graphic below). Included are resources specific to this course. Please contact me, your librarian, with any questions. My contact information is on the left of this page. You can also contact your course instructor.

How can the librarian help with course objectives?

Course objectives

  • Articulate personal and professional goals for graduate study
    • I can help you do career-related research.
  • Describe the main features of significant literary theories
    • I can help you find theory. I can help you find scholarly information about theories beyond Wikipedia and beyond your textbook.
  • Produce theoretically informed criticism of works of literature
    • Scholarship is a conversation. I can help you track the conversation through various media (journals, books, etc.).
  • Conduct independent research
    • I can help you be strategic in your searching.
  • Communicate effectively with a professional audience
    • I can help you with managing citations (Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero) & scholarly communication (publishing, dissemination).

The Research Process Infographic